Our Mission

At Zooper Dooper, we’re dedicated to creating fun, engaging educational apps like Zooper ABC Animals for pre-school children. When children have humor and laughter in their lives, research shows that it’s good for their cognitive, social and emotional development. Our promise is to create content that delights and educates young kids, and that parents will trust and enjoy with their children.


Meet the Team

R is for Russ
Russ Willms is an award-winning illustrator of children’s books, art director and associate creative director at Suburbia Studios. More importantly, he can’t get through a day—or even a meeting—without bringing new characters to life on his sketchpad. Zooper Dooper began because Russ really wanted to give his characters a chance to play and a job to do—to help children laugh while they learn.
R is for Russ


B is for Bruce
Bruce Meikle is a musician, librarian, copywriter and associate creative director at Suburbia Studios. All this helps him write the words, hum the tunes, and look things up when needed. When it comes to working on Zooper Dooper projects, it turns out that a childhood spent watching classic cartoons was not a waste of time at all.

M is for Mary-Lynn
Mary-Lynn Bellamy-Willms is the founder, president and creative director of Suburbia Studios. Mary-Lynn has also started two other very successful companies (FunctionFox Systems and Valentus Clinics) since Suburbia began. In her spare time, she and Russ (her husband) also raised two amazing sons.




J is for Jacquie
Jacquie Arnatt is the general manager of Suburbia Studios, and as much as she thrives on all the strategic and organizational challenges of that job, she loves being a mother to one very active little boy. Or two, if you include her husband.